Permanent TRO map plots

Please follow the link to open a PDF map showing the location of each permanent Traffic Regulation Order.


PTRO 001 Acton BY29 Clayhall Lane (475kb)
PTRO 002 Bacton/Cotton BY34/15/16/50 Swilltub Lane (309kb)
PTRO 003 Barningham BY6 Sandy Lane (408kb)
PTRO 004 Barrow BY22 Wilsummer Wood (426kb)
PTRO 005 Benhall RB33 Harrow Lane (407kb)
PTRO 006 Bradfield St Clare BY18 Sheepgate Lane (239kb)
PTRO 007 Burgate/Botesdale BY50/BY50 Scama Lane (568kb)
PTRO 008 Buxhall/Gt Finborough/Lt Finborough/Hitcham/Combs BY63/BY46/BY47(part)/BY7/BY24/BY95 Cagmans Lane (522kb)
PTRO 009 Clopton BY24 (From Church Lane SE to Drabb's Lane) (248kb)
PTRO 010 Culford/Wordwell/Barnham BY15 & 16/5 & 6 part/7 (553kb)
PTRO 011 Eye BY37 Rapsy Tapsy Lane (271kb)
PTRO 012 Gipping/Cotton/Mendlesham/Old Newton & Dagworth Old Hundred Lane (part) (535kb)
PTRO 013 Great Ashfield/Badwell Ash BY18/13 Braziers Lane - Hundred Lane Network (1.17mb)
PTRO 014 Gt Bricett/Offton BY22/52 Green Lane (241kb)
PTRO 015 Gt Waldingfield BY15 (From Rectory Road eastwards) (286kb)
PTRO 016 Haverhill/Lt Wratting/Gt Wratting BY 32/6/11 Moor Pasture Way (1.2mb)
PTRO 017 Hundon BY20 Galley Lane (455kb)
PTRO 018 Hundon/Poslingford BY5/10 Black Grove Lane (183kb)
PTRO 019 Bures St Mary/Nayland & Wissington BY15/18 Dead Lane (part) (1.17mb)
PTRO 020 Leavenheath/Nayland & Wissington BY19/20 Kingsland Lane (467kb)
PTRO 021 Lt Whelnetham BY5 Parsonage Lane (252kb)
PTRO 022 Mellis/Thornham Parva BY11/6 (part) Cowpasture Lane (449kb)
PTRO 023 Otley BY66 Green Lane (238kb)
PTRO 024 Gosbeck/Pettaugh/Helmingham BY25/15/18/17/47 (Green Way/Pettaugh Lane) (349kb)
PTRO 025 Reydon BY14 Wood Lane (331kb)
PTRO 026 Sapiston/Bardwell/Euston/Coney Weston/Knettishall Icknield Way (1.17mb)
PTRO 027 Sutton BY7 (From Sutton Heath picnic site NE) (390kb)
PTRO 028 Walsham Le Willows/Westhorpe/Wyverstone/Gt Ashfield/Badwell Ash BY22/24/20/22/19/26/24/17/14 Hundred Lane  (1.17mb)
PTRO 029 Walsham Le Willows/Badwell Ash BY15/23 Madges Lane - Hundred Lane Network (1.17mb)
PTRO 030 Wattisfield BY3 Nobles Lane (332kb)
PTRO 031 Westhorpe/Wyverstone/Badwell Ash BY16/25/21 Kiln Lane - Hundred Lane Network (1.17mb)
PTRO 032 Weston BY14 Cucumber Lane (376kb)
PTRO 033 Whepstead/Hartest BY16/21 Darney Lane
PTRO 034 Wilby FP10 Wilby Green
PTRO 035 Mildenhall, Beck Row, Holywell Row and Kenny Hill FP28 Mildenhall (355kb)
PTRO 036 Mildenhall  BY26 Shop Drove (515kb)
PTRO 037 Ellough, Weston, Worlingworth  BY8 Ellough, BY16 Weston, BY3 Worlington (998kb)
PTRO 038 Red Lodge BY4 Red Lodge